Monday, September 07, 2009

Ooooooh, pretty

It's that same old drill - I spend so much time printing and admin-ing that I rarely get a chance to actually make stuff with my fabric. Come on sewing machine!

So of course I still jump at the chance to blog about stuff that people have made with my fabric (especially if they actually choose to show me and their photos are pretty). Like these beautiful products made by Jodi Bagley who just sent me a lovely email!

Acacia Clutch
Acacia Clutch by Jodi Bagley

Acacia Bag
Acacia Tote Bag by Jodi Bagley

Acacia Belt by Jodi Bagley
Acacia Belt by Jodi Bagley

I really love the way her design and fabric choices really compliment the print! Like many of us Jodi has just started out small but her products are getting some great feedback at markets so I think she'll go far.

Thanks Jodi!

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