Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cressy Sideboard

Just popping in to share my excitement over my recent eBay win. I'd been cruising the 'bay looking for some nice mid century furniture and when I saw this one it was love at first sight. I managed to score it a mere $20 below my maximum bid:

Cressy sideboard - my new love (photo by ccmodern)

I can't wait for it to arrive (coming all the way from Sydney!). Australian made in the 60's by Cressy Furniture - they really knew what they were doing back then.

It's going to be great for product shoots too :)


Thursday, May 03, 2012


Proteaflora print series (looking curiously small here, though they're actually quite big!)

So you might have picked up on the fact that I've been feeling a wee bit creatively flat over the past little while. But it recently occurred to me that I've been putting a whole bunch of restrictions upon myself as a creative individual, mostly subconciously. These subconcious thoughts were telling myself that I should be designing textiles, because that's what I do, end of story.

But then I thought back to times in the past when I felt most creatively fulfilled, and that was when I was designing/making just for the hell of it. Not for commercial purposes, not as part of my business but just for fun. So the last little while I have been exploring that, and it's been so, so satisfying. I feel like I've rediscovered a source of happiness in my life that has been sorely neglected.

On that note, this print series is something that has emerged from my creative ramblings and I'm quite happy with them! I had fun experimenting with blending a bit of vintage poster style with bold geometric shapes. Originally they were just for my wall at home but the girls have encouraged me to edition them and put them in the shop. So why not. The very lovely Jeremy from Imagescience printed these for me on a wonderful, achival Bamboo stock, and the results were stunning. Thanks Jeremy!

They're quite large though they don't necessarily look it in the photos! These ones are A1 in size but I'm also printing them in A2.

'King Protea' in A1

Hope you like! xx