Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sunshine & mysterious things

I love it when the sunlight streams into my flat in a particular spot and makes it look pretty. My kitchen is positioned in a sort of window box, and gets both the morning and evening sun at this time of year. It's niiiiiiice.

sunny spot of my kitchen
Sunshine & kitchen garden

Another thing brightening up my day... I popped by the studio late on Sunday (valentine's day) to find this on the communal blackboard:

mystery valentine
Mystery valentine

Still have no idea who did it. Oooooher! That sort of thing NEVER happens to me (kind of like winning a Kitchenaid I guess). But it's definitely brightened up my week, so thanks, whoever you are!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That only happens to *other* people

You know those competitions on the back of food products that nobody you know ever wins so there's no point entering them?

Did you know that Creative Gourmet, the company who make the frozen blueberries and raspberries that I have on my porridge (yes, even in summer) had a competition to win a Kitchenaid mixer?

I entered that competition. AND I WON.


I mean WTF!?!? That NEVER happens!! And a Kitchenaid Mixer of ALL THINGS! That's one of those prizes that you actually WANT, but would never buy for yourself and would maybe get as a wedding present or something.

One minute I was sitting on the couch SMS-ing the code from the inside of the box to enter the competition. One second later I got a "congratulations" message back and could hardly believe my eyes. The next minute I was all over twitter telling everyone the good news ;)

I even got to choose the colour.


Now to actually make time to do some baking!!

(I hope I haven't used up all my good luck)


Monday, February 08, 2010

a little bit of picture framing

new prints
New prints with DIY mat board

A few weeks ago I decided to redo the prints on my wall. I had a few etsy finds that needed new homes, and was kind of over my old faux-ornate frames, so trekked out to Ikea to get a bunch of modern ones.

I also invested in a mat cutting ruler, bevel cutter and some sheets of mat board, so I could cut the mats to suit my prints properly. It was hard at first but heaps of fun once I got the hang of it. Might post a tute about that soon!

new prints
New prints with self cut mat board and standard Ikea frames

keep calm and ride on
Keep Calm and Ride On - love this print, matches my wall!

Another bit of prettiness making me happy around my flat - this amazing bunch of native (ish) flowers that I got to take home from a friends' "non-wedding" celebration. There were bunches like this everywhere and I was so excited to be able to take a bunch home! They did them all themselves - fantastic huh??

beautiful native (ish) flowers
Flowers from Tara & Nico's "non-wedding"


Friday, February 05, 2010

Ink & Spindle Open Studio tomorrow!

open studio graphic
artwork by Sixto from Too Yeah Media. Thanks again Sixto!!

Hi everyone! Just a quick reminder that we have an open studio at Ink & Spindle again tomorrow!

Details as follows:

Date: Saturday 6th Feb
Address: 206/10 Elizabeth St Kensington
Time: 10am - 1pm
What: watch a printing demo, nibble on some snacks and buy some fabric/kits/wares!

Hope to see you there!!!