Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wedding pics!

So, it's only been a mere 2 months (!) since our wedding and I'm finally getting around to sharing some pics with you! And what an epic two months it has been; the usual pre-xmas craziness at work, xmas itself, moving house, a honeymoon, some big changes at I&S (more on that soon!), all whilst growing a small girl-child inside me. FULL ON.

Anyway back to the wedding! From the 400 odd shots that the very awesome Kate Berry sent to me, I had a LOT of trouble narrowing them down! Below is my very limited selection of favourites. Fortunately there's a bunch of pics over on Kate's blog if you'd like to see more!

It started with a wonderful morning getting ready at home with my favourite girls...

Hair & makeup by Dana & Poppy from Kenny & The Sunshine Girls, native bouquets by Brianna Read, bridesmaid's dresses made in the I&S studio by Teegs, bridal gown by Gwendolynne, vintage glomesh a $3 score at the Ceres flea market :)

Meanwhile over at the Ceres Village Green a crowd is gathering and a groom is doing a fine impression of keeping his cool...

Then there was the ceremony! (Jason, our celebrant was awesome, highly recommend!)

After being showered with rose petals (possibly my favourite moment of the day!), we wandered off into the little garden laneways of Ceres for some pics with our awesome photographer Kate Berry. Some climbing of locked gates may have been involved...

After the photos we made our way back up the hill to The Merri Table to celebrate with all our loved ones over an awesome buffet of organic & local food. The weather was perfect, the setting was beautiful and everyone had a great time. What more could we have ask for?

What an awesome day. xx