Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some things just take time

Helloooo. Hope everyone's having a great weekend. Mine was off to a great start with a fantastic open studio this morning, the printing of a new design (ooooooh, more on that soon!), and then a relaxing afternoon catching up on to-do's, and preparing for my trip away.

Did I mention that I'm off to Malaysia and Bangkok next week? Yay! My parents and brothers are all overseas at the moment so we're congregating in KL and going to relax by the beach for a few days. I'm soooo in need of a warm, restful break, and some quality family time will be great too. And then I'm visiting a good friend in Bangkok for quality girly time. 'Tis going to be awesome.

Anyway, the other thing I wanted to say was thank you to all the people who left really kind comments on my last post! The thing that excited me most was that so many people found my little quote from back in 2006 inspirational. I think it is so important to know that some dreams might take a long time to realise, but with focus and hard work you can get there in the end. Back in 2006 it really did seem like a pipe dream, but it came true not because I have the most amazing skills or did the right uni degree, but due to a lot of hard work.

Speaking of things that take a long time to come around, here are a couple of projects I've been planning/working on for AGES that I finally finished and photographed!

First up, my roman blinds!!!

Handmade roman blinds in my flat

I can't tell you how much time and research went into making these. There are soooo many different techniques outlined on the net, and so many contradictions. So I bought books. I questioned anyone I knew who'd made them for tips. I called Suzie Fry. I drove an hour across town to a blind making company. I ad-libbed. And the eventual result was great.

Handmade roman blinds in my flat - featuring Kangaroo Paw (available soon!)

I did take pictures of the process, and I do plan to post a tute eventually. But my #1 tip for now - use double sided fabric tape instead of stitching across. It'll be your best friend ;)

My other project that's been sitting idle since September last year - reupholstering my armchair!

Here's the before shot:

Armchair reupholstery - before

And after:

Armchair reupholstery - after!

Nothing fancy, just a nice plain fabric that allows me to decorate it up with different cushions and make it suit any room (how nice would it look if I had floorboards??). I went for a lovely warm grey Oatmeal fabric.

I won't begin to tell you of the disgustingness that awaited me when I pulled off the old covers. Ewww. New foam was definitely in order (thanks Suz for collecting it for me!).

Armchair reupholstery - closeup

It was the first time I've upholstered anything and it's far from perfect, but I'm happy with it :)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My favourite store - Wilkins & Kent!

I have something very exciting to share.

If you look back over my blog you'll see that my love for the Wilkins & Kent shop and their furniture goes way back. In fact, here's a quote from one of my blog posts back in 2006:

"Now, if only I could find some sort of studio job where I get to make patterns at times, now that would be great. I'm almost starting to lean away from the whole client oriented web/graphic design world and am getting more enjoyment making things. Crafty things to sell in shops maybe, like Douglas & Hope or Wilkins & Kent. Ahh, pipe dreams."

Isn't that kind of amazing & funny to go back and read!?

Anyway... the exciting news? Ink & Spindle have just collaborated on a range of lamp shades with Wilkins & Kent!!

Rooftops & Birch table lamps

Gold Birch drum shade

Acacia drum shade

Acacia, Delft and Birch drum shades

We've also supplied each of their stores with a waterfall swatch set so that people can place custom lampshade orders.

I am sooooo happy with how these turned out. My favourite is the Gold Birch drum shade. I so want that in my flat !!!

Pipe dreams, indeed ;)