Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My favourite store - Wilkins & Kent!

I have something very exciting to share.

If you look back over my blog you'll see that my love for the Wilkins & Kent shop and their furniture goes way back. In fact, here's a quote from one of my blog posts back in 2006:

"Now, if only I could find some sort of studio job where I get to make patterns at times, now that would be great. I'm almost starting to lean away from the whole client oriented web/graphic design world and am getting more enjoyment making things. Crafty things to sell in shops maybe, like Douglas & Hope or Wilkins & Kent. Ahh, pipe dreams."

Isn't that kind of amazing & funny to go back and read!?

Anyway... the exciting news? Ink & Spindle have just collaborated on a range of lamp shades with Wilkins & Kent!!

Rooftops & Birch table lamps

Gold Birch drum shade

Acacia drum shade

Acacia, Delft and Birch drum shades

We've also supplied each of their stores with a waterfall swatch set so that people can place custom lampshade orders.

I am sooooo happy with how these turned out. My favourite is the Gold Birch drum shade. I so want that in my flat !!!

Pipe dreams, indeed ;)



Deirdre said...

What an inspiring post. I am currently setting some goals for myself and it is so great to see that dreams can be realised. Congratulations!!

Jhoanna said...

I agree, it's so inspiring to know that pipe dreams can come true with hard work, a whole lot of support, and a little bit of risk-taking :-) Thanks for sharing this and congratulations on the collaboration!

Michelle said...

That is fantastic Lara! I love Wilkins and Kent too, so can totally understand you having that as a dream stockist!!

Fer said...

What a great shop, and your stuff looks perfect there!

Isn't it great when dreams can come true. :)

aiman said...

wow! i realy love their stuff esp the cushions in the last pic!must feel nice to see your stuff there....i'm a grt fan of your work and i wish i could atted one of your open houses to see the printing but i live all the in pakistan!....i'm also a designer and have a blog showcasing my designs!u might wanna drop me a few would be grt to get some advice!

The Nappy Spot said...

Ooo I love that gold Birch lampshade too!!

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Cheers to making your dreams come true!

Kristine said...

What lovely looking shop Lara. I can see why you're happy about the collaboration. It all looks fab!

Alex Louisa said...

I love to see a post like this when an artist/designer has accomplished their goals, even if it was just some lofty dream that was thrown out there - you've gotta dream!

And what a lovely store. How have I not been there? It's straight on my list for my next Melb trip.

And congrats on the collab. The lampshades look amazing!!

Diane said...

That's fantastic news! I love Wilkins & Kent and I LOVE that gold birch lampshade too!

Jenny said...

Walking up Brunswick Street on a rainy Melbourne night (ie last night) what should I see through the window of the delicious Wilkins and Kent, but your lampshades!

Tina in Boston said...

Congrats, Lara! Hearing things like this keeps me going!

Tali said...

Lara, congrats!
I do actually remember those old posts! Amazing!
It's been a great journey :)

Vanessa said...

Dreams do come true. Congrats, Miss L. :D

Juicy Roo said...

Dreams only come true when you declare them in the first place! You will continue to attract amazing things by simply by continuing to do what you do. They look awesome. xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara, i love this post of W&K! takes me back to the first visit to the shop when i was in Melbourne with absolute thrill and everything in that shop simply fascinate me! Hope your pipe dreams come true! Happy Creating! :)