Monday, November 23, 2009

Of changes and growth...

So... if you happen to have been paying attention, you might have clued on that my 'weird life stuff' has involved a change of location. Yup, I've moved house, and now I'm living in a flat of my own in Flemington. It's been a difficult time... but I'm optimistic for the future.

It's definitely been good distraction going through the whole 'settling in' phase and setting up my new place. I'm feeling super lucky to have found myself a cute little flat with lots of natural light, and have kept myself busy making it into the home I've always wanted. I've never lived on my own before, so there's all those things I've always dreamt about doing that I can finally do. Needless to say the place looks pretty girly :)

I'll take some more pictures soon once I've done a bit more decorating, but meanwhile I'll show you some pics of my new windowsill garden!

window boxes in my kitchen
Little herby seedlings growing on my windowsill (yes that is rain! OMG)

I got super excited last weekend when I stumbled across Box My Garden at the Flemington market last weekend. Ray and Marge are the very lovely owners and their speciality is garden boxes of all sizes which they make themselves in Geelong! I fell in love with their little window box sized ones and promtly ordered two. They are gorgeous!

window boxes
Australian Cypress window box by Box My Garden - oregano and rosemary (will they fight?)

window boxes
Australian Cypress window box by Box My Garden - mmmm parsley

And I couldn't write a post about plants without mentioning the little tomato plant that Lou dug up from her garden! She said she has seedlings popping up all over the place so Teegs, Bee and I each got a tomato plant (mystery variety) and some basil. Thanks Lou!

little tomato plant from Lou
Little mystery tomato plant from Lou

a home for pegs

Thanks to one of our Little Basket Kits and a Sunday crafty catchup at our downstairs neighbours' studio, I now have a place to keep my pegs (exciting, I know). I figured there was only so long that I could get away with 'borrowing' my neighbours pegs before I had to buy my own.

It looks tres cute:

peg basket
Peg basket using Bianca's basket kit (which we sell at markets and are too lazy to list in our online shop - but maybe soon!)

peg basket
Peg basket with rooftops print (again, I know...)

Fun. Hometime!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

In Good Company

Hello! I'm a bit belated in writing about this but last weekend a great little article appeared in The Age M Magazine about local handcrafted goodness. My Rooftops print was featured amongst a whole bunch of other amazing things by talented peeps like friends & neighbours Aunty Cookie and Volker Haug. Good company indeed!

M Magazine article
The Age M Magazine

M Magazine article
The Age M Magazine featuring red Rooftops fabric - yay!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wendy June

I'm back - kinda. Still in the midst of weird life stuff, more on that later when I have the head space.

Meanwhile I love how the small worldiness of Melbourne brings together people I know from all sorts of places. I first met Wendy June back in the day when I was working with her hubby - I was freelancing at a web/graphic designer at the time and Andrew said something like "my wife is into crafty stuff, she has a stall at Rose Street". And so I met Wendy June.

It's many years on now and I'm super excited that Wendy is now collaborating with another of my favourite peeps, the lovely Matt of Mattt bags!

wendy june eyes of flame

The exhibition opening night is THIS THURSDAY, at Matt's awesome shop, and you should definitely come along!

Oh, and how awesome is this new product that Wendy's just launched! Little haunted houses as wall art. They're rad. I love houses! Maybe Wendy and I can do a trade ;)

wendy june wall art
"The houses are inspired by the streets of North Fitzroy, and cut into woods that come from wendy june's childhood.

Available in two Tasmanian woods: Birds Eye Huon Pine and Myrtle. Dimensions: Tallest house is 95 x 150mm. Retailing at $179."

Email Wendy for more info!


Friday, November 06, 2009

Ummm, has it really been a whole month?

Wow. I can't believe it's really been a month since I lasted posted. A month! I do have some good excuses including general work craziness and a hefty dose of big life changes, which aren't over yet and there's plenty more developments to come.

So yet again I'm super glad that there's crafty peeps like you out there making gorgeous things that I can blog about in lieu of my own crafty workings. Like this gorgeous Organic Blanket by GreenThreadShop on etsy (thanks to Steph for the heads up!):

little forest organic blanket by GreenThreadShop
Little Forest Organic Blanket by GreenThreadShop

little forest organic blanket by GreenThreadShop
Little Forest Organic Blanket by GreenThreadShop

In other news, there's some new designs & colourways in the shop!

Chalk in Snow on Natural
Chalk in snow on Natural

Birch in Robins Egg on Natural
Birch in Robins Egg on Natural (mmm nice new basecloth for this)

Yay :)