Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big changes over at Ink & Spindle

Our beloved Ink & Spindle studio - want to work here?

It'd be a bit of an understatement to say that life is a little bit full on right now.

I'm 19 weeks pregnant, getting married in 2 weeks, PLUS my landlord just gave us notice that they'd like to move back in to the gorgeous house we've made our home (great timing), PLUS there's some major changes happening over at I&S!

If you haven't heard the news already, Ink & Spindle is looking for a new business partner! More details over here, but in essence Teegs has made the big and difficult decision to move back up north to where she feels her true home and future lie. It's a decision that's been a long time coming and basically needs to happen now whilst I'm still able to handle a major transition (before my hands are full of baby etc!).

We've already been pretty overwhelmed with the response so far, so I'm feeling confident that we'll find the right person. We've worked so hard over the last 5 years to build our business to where it is, but I'm looking forward to finding someone who can put a bit of themselves and new energy into the business. It's not a huge money maker by any means but I feel like what we've built is so unique and so full of opportunity. Plus it's a lovely place to work :)

If you like the sound of that and are ready for a big commitment, drop us an email!