Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Goodbye Winter, hello Spring!

native flowers

Happy Spring! To celebrate I decided to decorate the lounge/meeting area at Ink & Spindle with some native flowers. There's a lovely little corner flower shop around Kensington that specialises in natives so I asked the owner to put together this bunch for us - lovely.

native flowers

If only I had a garden and could grow my own...


Angela said...

What a beautiful bunch and nice spring sun filled photo!

Hello Spring!

Paula said...

It's the opposite here in the UK - we're just heading into autumn away from summer. The nights are getting darker, it's getting colder, etc. I like autumn but not full-blown winter so much. Will have to keep checking the Australian and NZ blogs for warmth. P x x x

Danielle said...

So pretty!

Yana said...

beautiful bunch! i love native flowers :)

Jacinta said...

Ties in beautifully with the I&S fabric on the couch, cushion and lamp!

Margaret said...

I love the gorgeous mustard colours ... I must come and visit and buy some!

Annie said...

Beautiful flowers and a lovely celebration for Springtime

breast augmentation said...

How about you try gardening? You will be able to grow beautiful blooms such as those in the pictures. It sounds fun!

Britta said...

Goodbye Winter??? was my first thought, until I realized, that it is the new post of my favorite 'Down under Blog' : o )))

Beautiful flowers : o )))

We are enjoying the last summer days here in Germany.

I will keep checking your blog and try to catch some spring sun : o )

Juicy Roo said...

How groovy does your couch look with the olive 'seeds' fabric!? I'd like to sit in that corner and read for an hour or two. Lovely!

Manda said...

I have a garden and grow my own beautiful natives....if only I had a nice studio where i could print all day :-)

Anonymous said...

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