Tuesday, September 01, 2009

ooooh, is that a shop update?

I admit it's been far too long since I've last done a proper shop update, and even longer since I've actually had something NEW to put up in the shop!

But here you go, finally some of the new colourways that we printed for the Sydney Stitches show! They took a week to follow us home on the back of a truck and arrive in the middle of a paddock in Tullamarine (AKA Freight-land), but finally they're home!

Thanks to Bec our lovely intern (more on that soon!) for taking the photos for me :)

rooftops in olive
Rooftops in Olive on Organic Cotton/Hemp

birch in gold
Birch in Gold on Organic Cotton/Hemp

ginkgo in snow & olive
Ginkgo in Snow & Olive on Natural Cotton/Linen (mmmmmm I love this!!)

rooftops in charcoal
Rooftops in Charcoal on Natural Cotton/Linen

acacia in deep red
Acacia in Deep Red on Natural Cotton/Linen

I hope you like them :)



liza said...

Yes, they are beautiful. I love the title of the post, too!

dawnkristine said...

Great job, and I particularly love the 4th one shown in the red...

sarah said...

OOo I love your designs. I really like the red one there is something very bold about it.

Amy Badskirt said...

Love the photos. The gold birch photo just captivated me.

Yana said...

love the acacia fabric, soo pretty!! can i have a piece?? ;)

Buy Asacol said...

This is amazing. I love this Gold on Organic Cotton/Hemp...That's really attract me.