Thursday, September 03, 2009


footscray knitted awesomeness
Beanie for a wall - Footscray

Look at this little gem of renegade knitted awesomeness that I drove past on my way to pick up Pete from work.

footscray knitted awesomeness
Beanie for a wall - Footscray

It's fitted to the top of a pillar in a red brick wall surrounding a tunnel. And evidently by a bulldogs fan judging by the colours and location. Which doesn't detract from it's awesomeness too much.

I drove past it, braked suddenly, did a double take and reversed back up the hill to take another look. I've seen heaps of this sort of stuff around the internet but it was so good to see it near my own hood.

Go you, whoever you are!


Unknown said...

That is cool..I would love to see something like that IRL :P

Abby said...

Giant beanies are the best! Actually a telemarketer called me the other day and was trying to sell roof restoration, I ended up telling him about how I was disappointed at my housewarming party that no one bothered to bring a giant beanie for the roof, as it was probably cold out there, and what kind of house warming is it if no one tries to give the house knitted goods and did he have a beanie for his roof, and would we really need restoration if we just all had giant beanies for our houses.....
Anyways the moral of the story is, I would send him this post if it werent for the fact that he is a telemarketer whos name and email address I do not have......


Michelle said...

Looks like it might be crocheted rather than knitted, but yes, it's pretty awesome!

There was recently a loo-knitting exercise in Taylor Square in Sydney, and they wrapped the poles outside the NGA in Canberra with knitting and crochet!

Rabbit and the Duck said...

Awesome! I love it!

kris said...

That is clearly the most awesome thing I have seen today.

Thank you for taking time to photograph it!


Smellyann said...

It's cool, but it's crocheted, not knitted. :)

Jasmine Mirra said...

love those guerilla pieces!