Saturday, November 04, 2006

visitor :)

We had a visitor today - one of these fellas:

It was such a nice surprise. One of the few things I've missed from moving to the inner city is a bit of wildlife - especially of such a colourful variety. Anyway he didn't stick around long. I dashed up to grab him something to eat but he flew to a neighbouring tree. I thought I could tempt him back with some vita wheats (do birds even eat vita wheats? i don't know but it's all we had) but he and his little mate soon flew away. I hope he comes back.

Tempted to buy a hanging seed thingy to see what it brings.

Hope everyone's having a lovely (long?) weekend. I love the way that Melbourne + horse racing = public holiday :)

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Acornbud said...

What a beautiful bird. How lucky:)