Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Facts for the day:

If you're in Melbourne and looking for a filing cabinet, go past those outrageously priced office furniture stores and straight to Dallas Trading on Macaulay Rd, North Melb. We got an awesome solid metal ex-office one for only $80,and she aint half bad looking either. And she has wheels!

They have some other antiquey furniture numbers too, like these cute little nested tables we scored for $80 also!

Craft: magazine is awesome - arrived in the mail yesterday! I'm not sure if i'll actually make anything from this issue (although they do have a good screenprinting tute) ... but somehow just having it makes me feel more connected to this otherwise intangible online world.

Bad skin? Flaxseed oil! Well it's certainly working for me. I started taking it a few weeks ago and I can definately see differences. A smoother complexion and no little breakouts. I went through roaccutane crap-ness back in my teenage years so this. is. sooo. nice.

Meanwhile, keeping sane under work pressure with a bit more drawing practice. Nothing too speccy but it's fun to play around:


Anonymous said...

ooohhh nice tables. I havent been in that place, must venture there as Im on the hunt for some drawers.

lovely drawings, its good to see your patterns in them!
rag and bone have so missed our boats!!

Stereoette said...

wow. i love that drawing. really, really love it. you should sell prints in your etsy if you dont already...

Jules Madden said...

Hello there! :)
Sounds like you discovered a place full of bargains..
I got my craft mag too, yay! I will probably crochet the robot one day, but I don't really make much stuff from my craft books at all. I just love to read the processes, and all this knowledge comes in handy whilst doing similar projects. I love the style of the mag & how it's written.. it's like, finally! A craft magazine that doesn't tell me how to emboss a flower and scrapbook it... :D

Lara said...

Hi Stereoette,

Thanks!! There's a place near my house that does prints onto canvas. Maybe I should give it a go :)