Thursday, November 16, 2006

oh oh, in the midst of being a sad-sack i forgot to mention something - some recent talented people I have a-stumbled upon who you should check out:

Julie Knoblock - very talented illustrator and all round crafty person, based in Melbourne too - yay! And she's apparently just bought an acre of dirt. I'm jealous! (seriously).

Dawn Irvine - new talented pattern designer on the blogk (sorry, lame play on words there). She seems to always be churning out very cool designs. Looking forward to seeing them applied to stuff.

Magic Jelly / Karena - South Australian based illustrator printmaking chicky with way too many gooco inks for her own good.

There are many many more but I'm just going to limit myself to three for now :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lara! Thanks so much for the link :-) And thanks for introducing me to some incredibly talented crafters/artists - my bloglines is just growing & growing!