Sunday, November 19, 2006


Well I think I'm over my little slump. I blame the weather. I know, a bit of rain is supposed to be a good thing, but I'm a warm weather creature.

Thanks for the nice comments on the little pics - glad nobody else thought they were as unoriginal as I did. But then again who's going to post a comment saying "yeah you're right, these suck". I quite enjoyed drawing the maple leaves though - it's fun when you learn to draw a new thing, so I had the idea for the painting below. It didn't turn out quite right - it's a little obscure I'm thinking and missing the details that make it immediately obvious that she's lying on the ground covered with leaves.

I had a bit of a breakthrough with my drawing this weekend (at least I think so). I've always found drawing people a little difficult - mine are always lack character and the proportions are all wrong. But this time I tried something a little different - drawing them in their underwear first :) This made things so much easier. I could focus on the body shapes and positions first, and then add clothes later ... or not at all. Who needs clothes when it's a warm spring day and you have apple print undies?


Anonymous said...

How cute that you would draw people in underwear first then add the clothes. Next time I see your illustrations of clothed individuals I would wonder what's underneath :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the red tones on the little painting. And the drawing of the little girl is really cute - I especially like the one in the middle where it looks like she's out in the garden, unconstrained and unecumbered, freely daydreaming about life :-)

Anonymous said...

I think apple print undies would do it for me too!

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