Thursday, November 02, 2006

Evelyn Tarunadjaja

We did the artsy thing last night and went to the opening night of Pete's friend Eveline's exhibition. It was really quite good. A small space, and hot inside because of all the people, but her little artworks looked great scattered on the wall over the top of my favourite thing - trees!

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If you're handy to the city, get down there and check it out - Level 1, 12 Waratah Place (hers are upstairs at the back). Her illustrations are really beatiful, emotive, fine detailed pieces of work. They're selling for up to $200 each which I figure is pretty good for an original. I just bought a postcard set though to keep me happy :)

originally uploaded by love pad


Anonymous said...

Her art work is beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Jules Madden said...

ooooh I like your blog! And you are a melbournian!!! Yay for melbournians!!
Thanks for your nice comments about my chirpy bird bag on flickr :)
I'm going to point out a link to your blog in my next post, sharing the bloggy linky love!
Maybe now is the time I should actually write a comment about the post I'm commenting in :P
When does this exhibition run till? Looks like some very nice stuff. I'm also a fan of painting on gallery walls behind the artworks.. looks great.