Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Work hard play harder

Ohhh, I've been working way too hard this week. All my clients seem to want everything at the same time. Some of them have the weird notion that I should be working on their project and their project alone. It doesn't really work like that. And it also doesn't work in that if they take months to get back to me with content/feedback and are suddenly ready to go - I wont have been sitting around waiting for them with a nice big window of free time. But ahh well, i'll try my best to keep them happy :)


Anyway onto more happy things. I've been inspired by the very talented Kristen Doran to start getting some of my pattern designs out there onto *stuff*. Fabric hopefully, and maybe also gift wrap. Although with gift wrap, you really need to print sheets that are about A2 in size, which means they need to be offset printed, which isn't cost effective unless you get a large run done. Sooo, maybe I just need to prove to myself first that my stuff is saleable before embarking on that journey :)

Fabric printing however might prove to be a little more acessible. I've found a couple of places online who offer digital fabric printing services, and you can order as little as 1m for sampling! I'm just waiting to hear back on prices. Fingers crossed it's not too spenny and looks good.

It's mum's birthday coming up, so I've made her some earrings - some from scratch, the others from some old jewellery of Oma's. At the ripe age of 61 my mother has only just gotten her ears pierced. My brother brought a pair back for her from overseas not realising that she doesn't have pierced ears. Boys! So I took her to Hairhouse Warehouse to get them done :)


Anonymous said...

Oooh Im keen to know some prices for fabric print if you are willing to share...youre way more proactive than moi!!

On the gocco front, nothing still. I got outbidded at the last second on ebay (always the way) and have been abit lazy since. Although everytime I see a new fabric of yours I get very inspired, ie jealous!!

PS. My clients are just like yours. Never return an email until their deadline and wonder why Im cut!! But ofcourse Im very nice and professional and ofcourse dont have any other clients but them therefore am constantly bending over backwards...gggrrrrrr.

nicole lecht said...

hey, i just wanted to tell you that you have some fantastic work here! are your patterns digital or printed? love your use of modern and classic design. fits so well together!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful earrings! And I would love to see your designs on fabric!

Lara said...

Shannon: Sure, happy to share any info I get - still waiting to hear back on prices, not sure what to expect...

Freshlyblended: Wow thanks heaps! Your blog looks really interesting BTW - great collection of inspiration. At the moment my patterns are just digital, but am hoping to get them printed soon.

Sally: Thankyou! Thanks for the support - hopefully it'll become a reality soon :)

Kristen Doran said...

Love the earrings and especially the way you have packaged them.