Sunday, September 17, 2006

I ♥ Melbourne

The new ad for Melbourne is finally on TV! Awhile back I stumbled across them filming part of it in Centre Place - there was an actress walking a giant red ball of string down the laneway! I was immediately captivated and curious as to what the end product would be like.

It's an awesome, beautiful piece of cinematography that really capures what I love about Melbourne. It's backed by Joanna Newsom, and you can watch it below:

I love my city, and I also love productive weekends, like the shopping expedition we had this Saturday. It included our first trip to the Rose Street Artist's Market. Pete and I parked our car in the back streets of Fitzroy, but on the way there we stumbled across a quintessential little haberdashery shop down a side street (how very Melbourne). It had a sign out the front advertising fabric coated button making services, so we popped in to have a look, and came out with some trim and some huuuge buttons that Pete picked out.

On to the market. It was everything and more than I expected. All the stalls were great. There was so much good stuff to buy but I held back in case Pete decides to buy something from there for my birthday. I gave him lots of hints :)

There was a lovely chick there called Carla, who designs really nice handbags under the label of Emotional Baggage. I happened to be wearing my blue dot necklace and she commented on it, and encouraged me to try selling them. That's the second complete stranger in two weeks to say that, which is very motivating. So... I'd best go get on to it!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh that ad. I havent seen it, its so lovely. Can I link to this???

I often have the ' jeez I love this town' moments, especially when its warm and cloudy at the same time.

Lara said...

yep, you can link to it from the original which is here.

Glad you agree :)

Anonymous said...

ooh, nice imagery in that ad..
where is that circular park she end up in?
I can't recognise it!

Lara said...

I've been trying to figure out that very same thing! The tourism vic site has a full screen version of the ad, and in that you can get a better view. It looks like it might be in East Melbourne, right behind St Patrick's Cathedral... or maybe they just photoshopped it ;)

Unknown said...

I hope they didn't photoshop that park. Oh my boyfriend just told me we are going on the tramcar restaurant on Sunday! Now that is Melbourne Love. Those necklaces are so nice, I really am looking forward to your etsy shop. I think the thing that is nice about it is you can just list whenever you want, so if you have a busy week and can't list anything it is no problem. Your jewelry is really really amazing as well, I think it would stand out there.

SadieandLance said...

That ad is so beautiful.

Hey are you willing to share the secret location of the Fitzroy back alley haberdashery shop?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! And that button shop is Where?!

Lara said...

Hey girls,

Hehe sure I'm happy to share the location! I just had a look in the melways to see where we parked and I think it might have been George St, just near the corner of Johnston st. I can't find the laneway on the map so on second though I think it was at the back of a little carpark thing, I can't remember!

If you're after fabric coated button making in particular, i'd also suggest Buttonmania in the Nicholas Building in the city. They were a nice couple of old ladies.

Annalaura - oooh, tramcar restaurant - that should be great! I hope you have fun and don't spill your dinner! And thanks re the jewellery. I got some more comments today so now I'm super convinced it's the way to go :)

Anonymous said...

well, that ad has made me miss melbourne...again. It is really lovely. And the markets..Oh how I wish we has something like that in Brisbane. I'm off to explore the website..the closest I will get.


Anonymous said...

I've posted that link for Melbourne to my Boston knitters group, (I'm living here for a few years) I know I love Melbourne, and I love Boston too, but seeing that ad will make it easier to come back to, thanks!