Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sometimes you work on these really labour intensive projects that just don't end up working. Like these two prototypes below. I spent hours cutting little shapes out of poypropolyene, to find the end result just didn't make a good earring. Maybe the left hand one would work as a pendant with some darker coloured material.

The whole process can be pretty disappointing... but at least it's one step closer to finding an idea that works. If doing this stuff was super easy then I suppose more people would be doing it, and then it'd lose it's uniqueness and value. For that reason I kinda enjoy working on labour intensive stuff ... so long as I don't completely ruin my back working over the coffee table :)

Anyway there's lots of good to come with the bad. Firstly, the awesome Shannon has been helping me out heaps, suggesting I try to sell my patterns here and also offering to take some of my jewellery to sell at her sister's upcoming craft party. Thanks again Shannon!

Also I went on a bit of an impulse buying spree and bought these three prints from ashelyg's etsy shop:

Veeeeery much looking forward to receiving them in the post.
Aren't parcels great?

Meanwhile, I continued my purchasing spree by buying this design-nerdy hoodie from veer:

Ok, less spending and more doing - time to think up some new ideas that actually work this time. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

No problemmo - Im glad to be of help. Im all for supporting local artisans!

That hoodie is great! reminds me of the time I drunkenly harrassed this guy who was wearing a pantone tshirt, me whinging to him about the problems with TP & PMS? Needless to say he just looked at me like Im an idiot. No suprise really!

leslie said...

ooohhhh, i've so been coveting the kitty genius prints. i'm hoping to hold out and buy an actual painting once i have some cash in my paypal account (guess that means i might actually have to make an attempt to sell something...).

and i was excited to see your veer purchase too - one of my friend's back home has been a designer there for about three years, he'll be happy his goods are getting around the world!

pilarcat said...

I have been reading your blog for a week.
Your pattern work is really wonderful.
I actually grabbed my long-awaited sketchbook to
fill the whole page with some silly shapes!

Well, your blog inspires me.

meredith said...

I have that hoodie!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Lara, I bought one of Ashley's prints a couple of weeks ago and it arrived the other day. You'll not be disappointed - it's stunning. I love her style. Love your gocco pattern prints...they're looking really good.