Monday, September 04, 2006

50 yellow canaries, hanging from strings

This weekend we wandered into the GPO* and this is what we saw - about 50 bright yellow canaries in cages hanging from strings in the central void. At first I couldn't decide if it was cute or cruel, but in the end decided 'cute' because they were so damn adorable and their little chirpings filled the whole space.

* For non-Melbourne people - the GPO is a fairly new (and very schmancy) shopping space in the middle of the CBD, built into the building that once housed our GPO.


Rebecca said...

It does look amazing and I can only imagine the sound. Although I do hope they are being looked after well.

Enjoying your blog.

. said...

Wow! Definitely cute! :)

Anonymous said...

ah! this reminds me of a dream i had once.. creepy!

it looks cool - but poor birdies!

Anonymous said...

I hope those canaries are there next time I swing by, Louise has told me all about them and I'm super curious to see the little guys!
take care, g

Anonymous said...