Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ginkgo curtains

Whilst we're on the topic of all things Ginkgo (thanks everyone for your kind words about my new ink), I have to show you these lovely curtains that a good friend of mine just put up in his son's bedroom! Please excuse the iPhone pics...

ginkgo curtains
Ginkgo curtains in Gus's bedroom

Remember this house, well I'm super proud that they've chosen Ginkgo curtains to be a part of it. They tie in really nicely with the rest of the house which is colourful and homely.

ginkgo curtains
Ginkgo curtains & Gus



Drewzel said...

Gus is one lucky kid!

Frauke said...

i liek Ginko too, do you know this poem from Goethe
the link in english is
tere is moreof Gothe in Weimar

PS. the skulptur of Goethe and Schiller in Weimar is from my fiths Grandfather Ernst Rietschel

Lisali said...

Hi! Just found your blog today.I must say that I LOVE the photos of of the sun shining into your kitchen. It is so lovely! I live in Norway, and when I see those photos I wonder why in the world I live in this cold place! Anyway, I love your blog and the things you make, keep it up:)

ren said...

Wow! They look great! Lucky Gus.

Jacqueline said...

oh the guilt role of fabric is leaning up against the desk as I type...we WILL HAVE GINGKO CURTAINS, WE WILL!

Lisa said...

that's a great pattern!

AMIT said...

Great pattern.

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Anonymous said...

don't say homely when you mean homey. one means ugly and the other means cozy.

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