Monday, March 22, 2010


Ooh ooh ooh guess what!? We just launched a proper collection of fabrics!! Allow me to introduce...

tamarillo collection
Introducing - the Tamarillo collection!!

How pretty does it look! The fabric is all organic & fair trade and the red basecloth is herbally dyed using madder root! It's so much fun to finally launch a proper 'collection', do a nice photoshoot and make a range of products with it.

tamarillo collection
The Tamarillo collection - cushions and lamps!

tamarillo collection
Tamarillo - fabric bolts in canvas and light weight

The fabrics are available in the Ink & Spindle shop in both canvas and lightweight. We haven't printed huge runs of these yet so if you like something, snap it up quick smart!


Rose said...

ooh congratulations, it all looks amazing.x

Unknown said...

Vautsivau(in finnish words),
it looks just great!
Lovely colors.

AMIT said...

Nice fabrics.

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Daz said...

Very nice, would love it if a shope sold cushions, lamps with your fabrics, as I'm a guy and have NO sewing skills :-)

Shirley said...

you know that feeling people get when they're observing something from afar over a period of time and get warm fuzzy feelings because they all of sudden feel honored to be present when someone/something grows and develops? you know... that thing when people are proud of something. that's the feeling i'm getting right now.

it has been so wonderful to see you and your company grow over these last few years. there is something about having a "proper collection", being so organized and put together, that really shines through all the progress you've made.

and, if you consider this a compliment, which i do, i'll tell you what: that collection and range of products look fit for a decor magazine. it looks like it came from a big company and not a wee two person studio.

as i'm a few years younger, i completely admire what you've achieved in such seemingly short years. i am proud, i am honored, and i hope to someday find a similar kind of success. though maybe my time will come later in my life than it has in yours. and that's okay too.

keep it up!

(who knew a few good photos would conjure up such emotion?)

abbyglassenberg said...

I really love the deep red with the black birds print. The cushion made with this fabric is fantastic!

jenny said...

ooohh! like! a lot!

Suzie Q said...

I'm a bit disappointed as I thought there would be new designs rather than just new colourways.

Healthguard said...

Wow! The colors and the fabric designs match very well together. I love it.

Carpet Repair said...

You’ve done a great job putting all these fabrics together. It looks stunning.

zofia said...

Oh, that is a beautiful colour- LOVE!

quality inspection china said...

Such a very wonderful cloth and i like its color. thanks for the information....

Anna said...

It looks beautiful, I love the photos too. I think the houses might be my favourite, but I can't decide.

Just wondering where you buy your lampshade frames from, if you're able to tell me? I tried handworks at prahran but they don't stock them anymore.

Thanks! and Congratulations!

Justin Bieber Concerts Tickets said...

yah its really amazing, lovely

Annie said...

lovely designs and colors too!

Evyys said...

I love to follow your blog!I have awarded you with a 'Beautiful Blogger' award on my blog!
Best wishes!

Kristine said...

Lara the fabrics look divine. A beautiful first collection.

Card Printing said...

really nice fabrics. I like it thanks for share it.

.girl ferment. said...

oooh interesting
love that you have thought about the base supplies

Mikey said...

really amazing work you do.

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