Saturday, May 10, 2008

Heart my golden soil

Aww, you guys are so sweet with all your comments to my last post. Thanks so much. Makes me feel better already (and I'll try to post more about the downs as well as the ups).

That said, there are some really interesting (yet stressful) things in development that I wish I could talk about but can't just yet. Let's just say it's a big change in the way that I do what I do :)

Anyway, most of you know by now that I am just a wee bit patriotic. Not in that yucky political way, just a more lovin' the people and places kind of way. So, I was extra delighted to see these two awesome posts in my blog feeds today:

1) Bloesem Blog - Lucy Feagins' guide to Melbourne

For the beginning of Bloesem's world tour, Lucy Feagins from The Design Files writes about her favourite must-see spots in Melbs, almost all of which are my favourites too:

Image from Bloesem

Douglas and Hope - Image from Bloesem

Journal Cafe - Image from Bloesem

See the full post here.

2) Decor8 - Australian Design

An amazing post on Decor8 about Australian design. With what looks like a lot of hard work Holly has written up a long list of fantastic Aussie bloggers, with a description for each. Thanks so much Holly!


Tamara said...

Hi Kirin,

glad things are looking up.

Might be just me but your links for Bloesem and Lucy Feagins don't work.


SadieandLance said...

Hey they're all my fav places too! I love grabbing a coffee and an avocado 'bruchetta' at Journal. And that cupcake place is a killer - although I also loved the Japanese place that was there before it too.

Looking forward to hearing your new way!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I am itching to visit Australia one day!

mizu designs said...

hey there lara, just read your post about feeling like you can't write about the creative downs as well as the ups. all i can say is it's your blog so spill your heart if that's what you need to do. you've got a loyal following who will offer lots of support on a bad day/week. it's to hard to be 'up' all the time, and just not possible anyway.

loved the melb pics you mentioned. wished they had some pics of glorious, funky brunswick but then we could probably make a list a mile long of all the places we love here :)

AMM blog said...

Wow! Australia looks like so much fun! My husband lived there for almost a year & fell in love with it! Maybe he'll take me now...?