Thursday, April 17, 2008

New kid on the block - Pippijoe

Last week I got a surprise email from Caitlin, AKA Pippijoe, another Melbourne based designer who has just taken her first leap into the world of hand screened textiles. And I really like what she has done. I received these samples in the mail the other day and they look great:

All of her designs are printed on Hemp or Hemp/Cotton blends

There's even more great designs to choose from in her etsy shop, so I recommend you hop skip over there right now and get some, and support more locally produced textiles! It looks like our little Fabric Mafia += 1 :)


Victoria E said...

Great prints! I added her to my favorite Etsy sellers' list :)

Sheridan said...

Great to have another member of your mafia!
Can I just say how proud I am, being a fellow Australian, of your group of talented women who really seem to be forging ahead here, ahead of the rest of the world?
Well bloody done!!

Danielle said...

Her designs are awesome and love the basecloth she has used... very nice and natural looking

Anonymous said...

i want to join the fabric mafia! haha.

Anna said...

Wow... there is a definate kind of look going on with 'you fabric mafia types'- kind of organic meets geometric (if you can figure that one out!)which suits more of an interiors look.

Very exciting that there is a bit of a community (or mafia...) there!

Heather Moore said...

Like it! A welcome addition to your mafia.

PS: Thanks for the gocco tip. I've GOT to get my hands on one of those babies some time.

muralimanohar said...

I LOVE that tree one! It totally makes me think of a design I have been percolating in my head! lol