Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bamakko 'screened' exhibition this Saturday

I dropped off my warez at Bamakko yesterday and bumped into Bianca there doing the very same. I had trouble figuring out how to label my cushions and finally came up with these:

Gocco test prints + paper eyelets = handmade tags. Fun and easy.

Anyway, if you're not doing anything this Saturday evening between 9-6pm, do come and visit us at the exhibition. It's at Bamakko - 358 Victoria Street North Melbourne. Here's the flyer:

Click to see it proper-like



Kangaroopals said...

Wish I can be there... I am so far from Melbourne :( ... but best wishes on your exhibition.

Anonymous said...

I so wish I could join you, but Seattle to Melborne too far, maybe someday we will get there. Have a great time!

Tina said...

Wish I could be there it sounds lovely... maybe one day.

Anonymous said...

those tags are too perfect!
love 'em.

Penny said...

Very cute tags!

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous tags! Hope the exhibition goes well :) I hope someone starts something similar in Perth :D