Thursday, April 24, 2008

little tags for mix packs

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments about my sketchbook! Definitely inspires me to turn some of those drawings into actual things. Looks like the 'book tree' is number one :)

I finally got around to making some more fabric mix packs this week. For awhile now I've been unhappy with the presentation of the packs - it seemed a bit stale, not cute enough. I like the idea of putting the fabrics in a cute little bundle, but you have to be careful doing that because if the thickness exceeds 2cm it becomes a 'parcel' rather than a 'letter' and therefore a gazillion times more expensive.

Anyway, I think I've found a good middle ground. And with the addition of some old fashioned swingtags (gocco printed at midnight last night), I think they look much better all round.

I'll be putting these up in the shop probably Monday 28th :)

Gocco tip - I've often had problems with the large solid areas of my prints being a bit patchy. I believe this is due to excess carbon in the original artwork which overheats and stick to the screen. However - there's some special stuff you can get called "Artwork Clean-up Paper". It looks suspiciously like baking paper and you iron it over your original and it lifts the excess carbon off. Worked for me!


anna said...

Tags look fabulous! I <3 gocco

Kristine said...

Thanks for the gocco tip Lara - that's much appreciated. Have you got an Australia Post letter guage at home? It makes it a lot easier to stuff those parcels to the max before they exceed the 2cm rule. I always run my parcels through the guage as I love to get away with posting garments as letters.

Tina said...

I use plain computer paper for my artwork clean-up, it works really good.

Valentina said...

i too much love these all!

Anonymous said...

Cute pattern. Can I know the size of the fabric? Length and width

Lara said...

Hi Anon,

These fabric packs had fabrics measuring 35 x 45cm. But I'm about to release new packs with 45 x 45cm pieces :)