Monday, October 23, 2006

I sold something!

Yaaaay, I sold my first thing on etsy today!! One of the blue dot necklaces to the lovely Marnie of Felt Up Design. Thanks again Marnie:)

I've been dilly dallying over whether or not to submit some patterns to Rag & Bone Bindery's call for submissions. I read what they're after and it seems they want patterns that have 'no obvious repeats' when covering a book. Which, looking back over all of my patterns, is a requirement that very few of mine suit.

However, I think I'm gunna give it a go. I might be able to scale some of them up, and i'll add this newbie into the mix:


Bron said...

hey congratulations!
and i love that print too!

Unknown said...

Wow, I am So excited for you, although I knew you would sell something really fast, even though there is around 20000 bits of jewellry on there, you stuff stands out a mile. I posted on the forum about your shop, not sure if it did anything much.

Lara said...

Kuka - thankyou!!

Annalaura - wow thanks for doing that!! Hopefully it will make a difference :) But yeah there's soooo much stuff on etsy, I figure getting random sales through the site is unlikely... more likely to get them through promotions on my blog. Is that what you've found with your shop?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first sale - always a thrill!!! Love the colours you used on the latest pattern.

Unknown said...

I have had about 3 randoms, the rest have been because of friends, myspace ect. With the randoms I think, wow, because there is about 20000 bags on that site! Something I notice really helps is listing often.

Anonymous said...

congrats. What a buzz.

I am having major paypal problems so my shop is taking much longer than I hoped! The contact system for Australia is 'bloody' hopeless.

hope you sell some more soon.

Lara said...

Tiel - what sort of probs are you having? It's all gone fairly smoothly for me, esp after I verified my account via mail and connected to a bank account... then again I haven't used it much yet!

Anonymous said...

hi, I got to the verification stage, then I came across 3 debits from my bank account which don't match any of the purchases I have made...and I thought I had set it up so my purchases came of my credit card and any items that I sold would go into the bank account. (they are separate accounts)Just trying to ring them is a through, she told me to remove the account and re-verify. so now I am back to square 1 and I still can't solve the 3 debits!??

I must sort this out early next week!