Monday, October 16, 2006

back to work

hmmm, I've got that post-holidays back-at-work blues. It's times like these that I'm markedly aware of the sort-of 'wrongness' of working from home alone, all day every day. I know i'll get back into the swing of things and before long it'll just feel like normal again... but is that really a good thing? to get used to something that's not-quite-right? Anyway not to worry, after my big client jobs are finished I'm going to start actively contacting studios for some part time/contract work.

In good news, my Ashley G prints arrived and they look great. I just need to find some of those simple borderless clippy frames to frame them. Does anyone know where I could find them??

No crafty photos today, so here's some shots of a cute, lichen covered birdbath at Pete's parents' place in Ballarat :)


leslie said...

gorgeous photos! i'm a big fan of lichens and mosses alike and the colours are divine.

for the clip frames, maybe try a $2 shop? i know that's where i found some in canada a few years ago, seems logical that they might have them here too?

Anonymous said...

I know that you can get them at IKEA.

Anonymous said...

the vietnamese odds and sods shops in Footscray often have them. Have a wander. Especially in the Mall.

Kristen Doran said...

I bought some small card size ones from Ikea. On my good news front, the whole repeat thing in Illustrator fell into place for me yesterday. You know when something finally clicks and it's easy! My brain must be getting old...thanks again for your help.