Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fondness for Japanese things

Today I caught the tram into the city and found myself sitting opposite a sweet looking japanese girl who appeared to be in Melbourne on holidays. She was clutching a map of the CBD in her hands and she was teary. The poor girl - I couldn't pull my attention away. The guy beside me must have been giving her directions because he showed her where we were on the map one last time before he got off. For a little while I wondered what to do - all I could think about was why she might be crying and wishing I could reach out and ask her if she was ok.

In the end I just asked her where she was heading and helped her get to Bourke Street. I asked her where she was from - Tokyo. I said I'd love to visit Japan and that it's very beautiful, and she replied in limited English - yes ... but Japanese people are so ... busy, and Australian people (she paused and searched for words) "...their hearts are very peaceful".

What a beautiful Japanese way to say it.

And in keeping with my fondness for all things from that country, a pattern inspired by a Japanese pine forest illustration:

Still trying to figure out the right colours for it though.


Anonymous said...

I love this bottom design...exquisite.

my sis teaches english to foreign students. She ran into a group of past japanese students recently and one of them started crying. When my sister asked why, one of the other girls explained that this girl was crying because she was so happy to see my sister.

i so want to go to japan one day.

Lara said...

awwwh. thats SO sweet!

Same. I'd love love love to go. Would be handy to have someone to visit over there though, who could show you the ropes...

Anonymous said...

wow! loving that second pattern! very beautiful!
It's quite different to your previous patterns. (which are all awesome too of course)

Unknown said...

I would also love to go to Japan. My Mum teaches Japanese and just got back recently, but we have always had lots of Japanese people come and stay. Thats sad that that girl was upset, I bet you made her feel better!

Anonymous said...

love the designs. They're great.