Saturday, July 29, 2006

Repeating myself

It's interesting how a pattern sometimes only looks good once you've got the colour combinations working just right. I tried this one in many other colour combos and it just wasn't working.

I'm thinking maybe it needs more going on in the background - some faded hills or something. Any suggestions?

Updated - added some gradiented blue hills in the background as Steve suggested!


Steve said...

Gradientised rolling hills would be nice in pale blue (like they're off in the distance) or soft green and white (like Japanese cherry blossom fields).

Anonymous said...

a wisp of cloud on the left of each hill would/ could accentuate the lie of the branches or a river. Maybe a river running from right to left at the base of the hill could accentuate lines? Just a thought - although it might end up cluttering your great designs.