Saturday, July 29, 2006

Finally another gocco print

Closeup... decided printing on fabric looked heaps nicer.

Using the transparent registration plate to position the fabric properly, in order to print a repeating pattern.

The gocco in action


Unknown said...

A-ha, you see I can't get that beautiful detail with my cartridge paper and knife! They look great, I am looking forward to you getting an Etsy shop, we need more Australian Talent.

Unknown said...

I looked into buying a gocco years ago but didn't due to the expense and being poor student at the time.

There are a few gocco types in Japan made by different companies I wanted to buy one, but there were no instructions in English.

After finding you blog I saw you had a gocco link and I was nearly going to buy one online till yesterday. Tokyu Hands in Tokyo was selling them with English instructions! I bought the basic gocco, an extra set of globes and ink for just over $100. I am wrapped!

So thanks for your blog and writing about it otherwise I may have not made the effort to look for it!

Anonymous said...

hi, I'm very tempted to buy one of these, and looked at the link you posted up. As I have never seen one first hand, I'm a little hesitant. Kirin can you email me and let me know what you think of yours? How does your model go on fabric? Are you limited with the type of fabric? Is it messy to use? I have small kids, so have to consider space issues and mess. I guess I am just wanting to print onto card/paper stock and yes, fabric too.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful fabric print! Now I want a Gocco too :O) You have a really nice blog by the way.

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