Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I've been inspired to try making some more patterns. It's interesting to see how the ideas I've had in my head can turn out in real life. We have this great book on our shelves called "Pattern Design", originally printed in 1903! It's written in great ye-olde english and says things like:

"To readers of a book upon the subject, no apologies for pattern is necessary. Modest as may be its pretensions to artistic consideration, it covers ground enough to command attention. It is here and there and everwhere around us."

Hehehe. It's written like that the whole way through - quite funny, but also quite insightful in parts. It talks about the role of pattern design in a world where things need to conform to the conditions of manufacture, and how pattern design can be extremely challenging and restrictive but also quite satisfying. It's got a lot of techical info on different forms of repetition, so i'll see if I can advance beyond a simple square tile ;)

Anyway I had a go at doing a more random hand drawn pattern which was fun - took a bit of thinking to design it so the waves line up...


Anonymous said...

i love this one, it has a story!

Anonymous said...

your designs are amazing!!!!