Sunday, May 21, 2006

loco for gocco

I took the plunge, and finally bought myself a print gocco. I'm so excited!

To make prints your original image has to be carbon based (eg from a photocopier or laser printer), but if you don't have access to either of those - like me this weekend - you can hand draw your image using a carbon based pen. Very cool.

equipment - PG-11 kit

my first print



Anonymous said...

Did you but it from melbourne somewhere or over the internet?? I would ove one, it would make my life making stuff alot easier, faster, cheaper....

Lara said...

thanks Kylie!!

Shannon - yep here in Australia we're lucky - you can buy a Gocco machine kit and all the supplies you need from Eckersleys in Franklin St. I think the manufacturer Riso has stopped making them, & I hear they're very hard to find in Europe and there's limited supplies in the US. But apparently here in Aus we're guaranteed supplies for the next 5 years - yay!

Anonymous said...

I have never used one before and you are now the third person in 2 days to have mentioned one. I would love to see more of what it can do. Do you have any recent work that you have produced using it? Does it have size restrictions? Oh, I will just go and look at the link you put up. I wonder if Eckersley's in Brissy sell them?

Lara said...

They're great, although shamefully I haven't made much use of mine yet - planning to print some patterns this week though.

In terms of size restrictions the one I have prints B6 size screens I think... although I'm sticking to a safe area of 140mm x 100mm.

Eckersleys - yes try them and if not they have a mail order catalogue so you should be able to order it in from anywhere :)