Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Having an awesome day today and feeling really motivated. Have gotten heaps done, including a much put-off illustration for the Havachat book - it's a European street scene centrespread, and whilst drawing it i discovered the magic of using lines that converge to a vanishing point to get my perspective right. I can't believe how much easier it made things!

Anyway, the other day I was having a look at the hopscotch films logo and wondering what font they used. I think it's really quite cool. Turns out it's not a font at all, and that the text was custom made for the logo. Sooo, I had a go at making it myself, and it turned out to be not that hard:

original logo

my name, written with just straight lines

my name, with "round corners" filter applied (10px radius) - it came up a treat!

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