Monday, May 01, 2006

A better workplace

Had a wonderful afternoon with Trinie on Saturday. We went to this great little cafe off Sydney Rd called Ray. It's one of those cosy tucked away places that the locals frequent, and it totally revised my opinion of Brunswick and Syndey Rd.

Anyway, we shared some gossip and french toast, and then got chatting about my work and future goal of finding a good studio to work in. Trinie has plans to set up a little business on the side helping people achieve their goals/dreams, and wants to get as much practice as possible talking to real people... which was great for me! She took down heaps of notes as I described my goal of finding "a better workplace" - she got me to describe all aspects of what it would be like (environment, people, type of work, location, pay) and then we talked about the steps and hurdles it'll take to get there. She knew exactly the right questions to ask and really helped to solidify in my head what I'm looking for, and most importantly, the path to getting there.

It meant a lot to just be able to sit there and rant about myself for a bit and be completely self focussed with a willing ear. Thanks so much :)

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