Sunday, December 16, 2012


Monochrome duvet cover in Leuca

So. 2012 hey. What a year. Another one that has positively flown by.

If you asked me if I've achieved much this year offhandedly I'd say 'not much' but when I take a moment to think about it actually a gazillion things have changed. It's been a year of much growth and revelations. Some major ups and downs. Some epic emotional and health related struggles but also some massively good things have come my way too. I'm feeling pretty fortunate at the moment and can see more great things to come in 2013.

The photos accompanying this post are mostly here to make it look pretty, but are also a little bit relevant. They partly relate to the fun that I've been having lately with styling and photography (still much to learn!) but they also relate to a pretty special person who's come into my life this year. I made this duvet cover as a birthday present, and because he happens to be a bit colourblind I thought a monochromatic theme was rather fitting.

Monochrome duvet cover in Leuca

Monochrome duvet cover in Leuca

I hope to post again before Christmas and my impending trip to Nepal, but if not I hope you all have a great relaxing break and come into 2013 with lots of energy and passion and potential for doing good things!



Hanna said...

I love the little round shelf!

Kate Moore said...

Nepal! Have I missed something? Eeep! The doona cover is beautiful. You've excelled yourself. How do you do it? Merry Christmas and happy packing.