Monday, April 23, 2012

The less cycled path

Bicycle related oddities - knitted bike hoops and a bicycle tree

Currently my bike route to work has lots of detours in place whilst council works to reconstruct sections of the path. Strangely this is feeling very much like an apt metaphor for life right now.

As much as I long to follow my safe, reliable, well trodden route (and can see exactly where I want to be beyond the signs that are directing me elsewhere), I also concede that a detour is a good way to discover new things; open my eyes to new sights and experiences. Who knows, perhaps I'll end up somewhere completely different and much more exciting than where I wanted to be in the first place.

Textures and colours. I love old signage in all it's forms.

I like this colourful bridge in it's unlikely setting, sandwiched between freeway, commission flats and muddy creeklands.

This strange undulating grassland always catches my eye, it's very odd- what used to be here? And these overhead triangles, they make nice shadows in the morning.



subliminalrabbit said...

Gorgeous photography Lara!

G said...

I love your pics Lara, was lovely to see you on Saturday. Very true that analog you have used, can see how it applies to me too, lots of change going on at the moment. Will send those pics through soon :) x