Thursday, March 22, 2012

A bit of light experimentation

Lasercut lamp holder

Sometimes you need to make something different just for the sake of it. I feel like I've been boxing myself in, telling myself that I should be designing textiles and textiles only. But I think back to some of the most inspired times of my life and they were when I felt like I could design anything. Not for commercial gain, just for fun.

...hanging in the studio

We redesigned the shop section of our studio at the start of the year and this was the last piece of the puzzle, finally done. My good friend Sass from next door planted the seed of this idea and I ran with it. It was the technical design process that I enjoyed the most; I lost myself in it. I've missed that feeling!



Claire - Matching Pegs said...

It is lovely

Joanna said...

You did that?!! Wow, impressive.

Juicy Roo said...

Awesome stuff Larz. It's intricate, functional and lovely. Here's a big HOORAY for designing just for fun. xo

Marieke said...

That's lovely!

Is that a tungsten bulb? or a halogen light inside the globe?

G said...

Hmm, I am sure I have seen and touched this little creation before ;) I think it is fantastic and no, don't limit yourself to just textiles, with your skills the possibilities are endless x

Kristen Doran said...

LOVE these. You are a cleve girl.