Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stitches & Craft Show Sydney - our lovely neighbours

Definitely the most fantastic part of the Stitches show is the lovely people you meet and getting a chance to catch up with people you've met at previous shows.

This time the Incubator section was much larger than usual so I'm not going to even attempt to mention everyone (plus I'm terrible with names). But I do have to make special mention of our lovely stand neighbours Julie from Juicy Roo (very lovely and capable of the best pep-talks ever) and the ever wonderful and kooky Cathy and Louise (also great for conversation of an entirely different nature).

And here's a snapshot of the rest!

stitches incubator section
Stalls by Bettina of BKH Design, Kristen Doran and Fi of Dear Fii

Stitches Sydney - winterwood
Sandra from Winterwood's stall

Stitches Sydney - pippijoe
Caitlin from Pippijoe

Stitches Sydney - Surface Art and Sprout
Sprout Design and Surface Art (hello Bek)

Stitches Sydney - incubator section
The incubator section (just half of it)

Stitches Sydney - Ric Rac's display
Jodie from Ric Rac's awesome selvedge frock display

dinner with the crafty ladies in newtown
Dinner with a bunch of crafty ladies in Newtown

And I guess I should show you some pics of our stall! 'Scuse the bad lighting (mixed light sources never make for a happy photo):

Stitches Sydney - our stand
The Ink & Spindle Stall

Stitches Sydney - our bolts
Bolts for sale

Stitches Sydney - bundles
Bundles that sell like hot cakes

Stitches Sydney - fat quarters :)
Pretty Fat Quarters - yah!

In conclusion? The show was great. It's definitely worth being a part of the Incubator Section to any of youse who might be considering it for next year. Especially if you're selling kits of any sort of supplies so the crafty folk who attend can actually be involved in the making process. If you only have finished product you might not do so well (although best to ask those who did and get their feedback).

And... it's really important for us to rally behind a show like this. Living Creatively are trying very hard to change the image of Stitches & Craft and breathe new life into it, and I can only imagine how difficult the transition phase is. But if they succeed it can only be a good thing for us new indie crafters. Seriously.

The end! xx


ellie said...

Was such a fun day at the Craft Show - I'm glad I got to visit as a shopper, and not a stall holder. And thanks for a lovely dinner with all of those glorious fun and talkative girls (who are happy to try any kind of food.).
Trying to organise our Melb trip, so we'll see you soon.
- E xxxx

Rosalind said...

How on earth did I miss that wool felt stand?! grrr

It was lovely to meet you girls and I can't wait to use my material... I don't often buy material without a project in mind.

Xena said...

Wow it was good up there on the top floor this year. I was the gal in the neck tie skirt. Great to have seen your wares in real life.

Cathy said...

Hi Lara, love the wrap up about the show. You guys were the best neighbours to have!

Not quite sure what you mean about 'kooky' - so sorry if there was 't.m.i.' - you have to realise I live in a testosterone only household and being let loose with a bunch of girls like you is just heaven!

Jacinta said...

Cool, looked like Sydney had a huge indie area... feeling like Melb got ripped off!? Your stall looked awesome gals. xo

Cate Lawrence said...

What fantastic pics! Looks like it all went wonderfully well. I had a great time at the show in Melbourne :)

Johan Donald said...

Your stall looked fantastic..Thanks a lot for this..
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