Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stitches & Craft Show Sydney - the loot

I have so many photos from the show that it warrants TWO posts! Wow.

Firstly and most importantly I have to document the loot that I acquired. I made sure to go around and actually buy some stuff from my fellow incubator neighbors - something I didn't make time to do in Brisbane.

stitches & craft show sydney - loot

Pictured above:
- Gorgeous little girl's reversible dress by Madi and Me.

- Makeup purse kit (and the purse that I made with stolen time on the Reconstruction Zone machines at the show). The kit is from Nicole Mallalieu AKA You Sew Girl and has great easy to follow instructions!

- Four gorgeous softie patterns from Funky Friends Factory which I probably wont have a reason to sew up for a long time but couldn't resist the little made up samples she had on her stall (I stood cuddling the Lion for far too long)

makeup purse
Make-Up purse - detail

surface art tshirts
T-shirts by Surface Art

I've always loved Moira's Mikko print on the above t-shirts. I loved both colourways and first bought the red and wore it around the show, and then thought what the hey, I'll get the charcoal too.

And of course, one can't make a trip to Sydney without visiting the Japanese Craft Book section of Kinokuniya. Mmmmmmmmm....

kinokuniya craft section
Just half of the Japanese craft book section at Kinokuniya

Next up - my lovely neighbours....


Yana said...

i made a number of softies from the funky friends fatory patterns and they are really fun to make. once you make one, it will be very hard not to make another :)

also, your stall was lovely and thanks for coming to our 'no-so-crafty' sydney.

gret said...

It was lovely having you up here in our neck of the woods! Congrats on a great stall. The Japanese Craft section of Kinokuniya is my favourite place in the CBD, an has taken a great deal of my money...those books are intoxicating....

jess said...

OH! WOW! that japanese book section looks amazing...

Nikki said...

Great to see that purse in all its glory! Well done to get it made at the show!!

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