Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New mix packs, new packaging

I'm loving the new packaging that we've got going over at Ink & Spindle. Simple and clean, doesn't distract from the contents, and also is completely recycled and/or bio-degradable. Yay!

On that note I've just put a few mix packs up in the shop. It's been a while since I've made these!

new mix packs
New mix packs in the shop

new mix packs
New mix packs in the shop


Alex. said...

Oh dear. I already have two of your mix packs but these are definately making me want more!

OR, if I could make up my sweet undecisive mind, I'd just buy some fabric already!! The new charcoal prints are AMAZING Lara :)

(And I'm so sorry I didn't come and meet you in Brisbane, but I was so ill, they'd have had to evacuate the whole building if I was to stumble in. That, and I would have scared too many small children.)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful packaging for beautiful mix packs!