Thursday, May 14, 2009

here and there

Wow. So much great feedback on the houses print! It makes me so excited. I'm so glad to be finally printing the idea that has been floating around in my head for so long. It's off being turned into a screen as we speak.

We finally uploaded some pics from our Brissy trip, so you can see them all here. Here's what our stall looked like:

Ink & Spindle at the Stitches & Craft Show Brissy
Bianca and I in our Brisbane stall

We were a little lacking in vertical-ness, being without our beautiful tree and all, and relying on a display that could be flat packed back into our suitcases. But all things considered it came out pretty good :)

I know this blog has been pretty sparse of late, so I'll endeavor to post more. In the meantime, here's some new colourways that I've finally managed to put up in the shop!

bonsai in red on cream
Bonsai in Deep Red on cream (mmmm, I do like this)

birch in charcoal
The très Melbourne Birch in Charcoal on black cotton/linen

bonsai in charcoal
...and Bonsai in Charcoal on black cotton/linen


Adélie said...

Oooh, the dark ones are wonderful ! (love your house design from previous post, too :-)).

Jodie said...

I love that white stand but I miss your tree... I guess it was a little tricky to pack.

Jeminid said...

Yeah I love the dark colourways too, very luxe! Your stall looked beautiful, can you please come to a show in the UK so I can see your work in the 'flesh'?

mrs boo radley said...

Black and charcoal are lovely.

Paula said...

I love the dark materials too!!! x x x

P R I M O E Z A said...

loving the dark palettes - the same designs have a dramatically different feel.

Anna said...

ohh the dark ones are good! a departure from your signature colours but very fashiony..

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Your booth looks great- lots of fun things to look at. Can't wait to see your latest design on fabric.

zofia said...

Love these colourways Lara-Beautiful!

Steve Caddy said...

Birch in charcoal + rubber backing = best bedroom drapes EVER.