Saturday, March 14, 2009

loving the craft life

Last night I struggled fruitlessly to get to sleep and cultivated a nice cold for Saturday which was our busiest day at the show.

Whilst trying to sleep I seemed to assume the identity of a fat quarter - I was constantly folding and refolding in my head. It's crazy when a repetitive action can do weird stuff like that to your mind.

But in good news, the show has been AMAZING. On so many levels. Meeting awesome people. Getting great feedback. Catching up with other bloggers in person. Teaching workshops for the first time and getting over my nerves and just enjoying it.

And last but not least - good sales. It's all been so validating, which is the most awesome part. It puts me on such a high. All that hard work is paying off, and makes me feel like yes, we can indeed make a living from this.

I'm utterly exhausted, but I know I'm going to shed a few tears once the show is over - I'll really miss the atmosphere and being a part of something big.

Anyway no pics today, just wanted to share a bit of what's in my head right now.


Amy Prior said...

Super well done and congratulations!

paolability said...

As I read about Ink & Spindle, everything you've (all) done impresses me.

I get the impression you've prepared well, set standards high and worked very very hard.

Your work was always wonderful and so it's no surprise that ramping up the output and exposure has meant more sales.

Enjoy the success but do factor in some down-time because you'll burn out otherwise.

deanna said...

Sounds like a job well done. Congratulations!

Candied Fabrics said...

I'm glad it's turning out so well. I'll bet your mind is buzzing full with ideas too. Try to remember to jot them all down before you crash...this happens to me during a show, but I forget to write them down :-( Enjoy, and take care of yourselves!

roisin said...

this is so wonderful to hear!

lune said...

Hello, I'm so glad you say that... I'm recently starting my "crafty proyect" and just looking your work and reading your post gives me a lot of hope :) I guess when you put love, effort and joy in your work someday will start all coming back to you ;)
Congratulations :)

leslie said...

i miss the show already and we only packed up three hours ago! so absolutely wonderful to meet you and bianca and teagan FINALLY. i'm so glad you're happy with your trade, i'm sitting on my couch, catching up on blogs, surrounded by all my lovely fabric so i had to laugh when you said you were doing the same with your oobee. i feel completely spoiled!! : )

Christie said...


it was good to see you guys & so many other talented people at the show, i felt like i was walking through my bloglines!

Annie said...

I just LOVED all your "stuff" and was also grateful to be part of the wonderful buzz of the Show.

Fer said...

That's fantastic. So glad it was a success!