Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More mix packs

I love making mix packs. Puts me into a kind of zen state choosing all the fabric combinations and packaging them up all pretty. The last batch did well so I just made a bunch more which are
up in the shop today :)

Fabric mix pack # 31

Fabric mix pack # 34

Excuse my numbering system - they all need a unique name so I know which one people ordered. Maybe I should give them pretty names like 'florence', 'beatrice', & 'abegail'. hmm that really doesn't suit the designs though :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lara

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful fabrics that I purchased from you and arrived in my mail the other day.....simply devine. I think they may be destined to become a little bag to take on my trip to Europe later this year....I can just imagine photographing the bag with the Eiffle tower in the background! Bliss!


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for just the right combination of fabrics I want to come up ;) They all look pretty tempting though!

ali said...

Lara, can we request to have certain fabrics in a pack? I'd love to see the rainy autumn, ginkgo, and riverstones in a pack! Your designs are beautiful!

Lara said...

Hi Ali,

Yep I can take requests (so long as I have all the fabrics in stock). Just drop me an email and I can put something together for you :)