Sunday, February 17, 2008

waiting waiting

Wow it's been a great week for publicity this week! Thanks to both Ahn-minh and Janel from Apartment Therapy for featuring my lamps this week - that's awesome. I love how everyone likes a bit of tutorial action :)

I'm feeling super frustrated at the mo though whilst I wait to get some new basecloth to print on. I just found one that's really lovely but they're out of stock! And my other supplier isn't getting their shipment in till the end of March. That feels like FOREVER away. Sigh. So anyway, no new fabric will be appearing in the shop for a little while - sorry about that.

Just for a bit of colour with this post - my inspiration wall, which is looking very bird themed at the mo:

(the bird prints are from the yumi yumi etsy shop!)


Anonymous said...

sorry about to hear about the fabric shortage! at least by waiting a month you can play around with new designs maybe.

lovely inspiration board. I so need to put my room together.

haley said...

Omigosh, I love the two bird prints in the photo that are closest to the camera. Who made them, and do you have any idea where I could look at more work by that artist?

paperseed said...

Love the idea of an inspiration wall, and the items you included in your photograph.

Unknown said...

The inspiration wall looks great and I love the way you have pegged things. I'm trying to work out how I can make a nice pinboard in my studio.

Are you going to the Mikes morning tea on Wednesday? If so I will see you there.

dutchcomfort said...

I love inspiration walls! Love the birds!

Anonymous said...


I am really keen to buy some of your fabric, the bird in the forest it is really gorgeous. You can never get enough of birds! Speaking of birds, can you tell me where you purchased your bird pegs?

Oh yes congrats on the work for SproutDesign - fabulous.