Tuesday, February 12, 2008

crazy crafting lady

There hasn't been much blogging, but there has been a crazy amount of crafting going on around here. It's too dark to do the finished products justice, so here's a few in-progress shots:

Slicing through a sea of Ginkgo

Lampshade WIP - gluing fabric to polyprop

Lampshade WIP - rolling the fabric around the frame

An ink blocked and inked Gocco screen. Part of a new 4 colour print, ooh exciting :)

And I'm not the only one being a crafting machine of late. Check out these two gems from the 'hood:

- Insanely complicated yet beautiful papercut by Skinny laMinx and
- Fantastic new fabric prints by Hollabee

Nice work girls!


Bianca said...

Thanks for the mention...craft machine ;) hehe

Leslie said...

yes. you are a busy gal. i love it all.
and thanks for the gocco reminder. i need to pull mine out tomorrow. am a bit behind on a little gocco swapping.

flygirl said...

Hmm. I am rethinking the two-tone skirt you mentioned once. I like, I like, having seen the two together uncut.

katelynjane said...

I was just thinking the other day I need to cover a few of my lamps! Your's looks great! I love SkinnyLaMinx! (: I featured her in my other blog (:

Juddie said...

I've noticed your wonderful fabrics turning up in more and more places and on many beautiful products ... congratulations on your growing profile!

Thank you so much for brightening our world with your lovely designs, and thanks too for the great little tute on making a lampshade - I feel inspired!

Juddie :-)

Anonymous said...

It looks just great and your tutorial makes it look easy to make.
What glue do you use (looks like a spray) and in what kind of store can I get the polypropsheet?

Lara said...

Hi Hélène!

The glue is a "spray adhesive" that you can get from any art store, and the polyprop sheet is from an art store too! I have a full tutorial here:


Hope that helps!