Friday, December 14, 2007

Likes and dislikes

Well, I'm back from the rooftop market. The market itself was pretty good, with it's astro turf and market umbrellas and awesome views. Anna Laura was there and we had a nice chat, and there was some new stuff that I hadn't seen anywhere else before.

But what I didn't like were the scores of uber-cool hipster kids loitering around the bar making me feel intimidated, and the snobby bar man who was really condescending when I asked if I could get a granita that I could take away with me: "uh no... that would be illeeegal". I didn't realise it was alcoholic.

But what I do like, are these very very cute baby shoes by Evie Lala!

Such nice product photography too! You can snap them up here.

Everything on that site is gorgeous though and I love the site design :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on the cool kiddies - I tried going to the Container Bar next to Camy Dumplings one Friday night and couldn't quite face it. Chances are I would have taken out my knitting - not ironically! Oh dear...

Lara said...

Ahh, so Camy Dumplings IS Shanghai Dumplings! That is indeed where we went for dumplings the other week when you asked :)

Mmm, yeah I know the bar you're talking about. I've never been but it looked intimidating too. I just want to go somewhere I can relax.

Bianca said...

those kiddies look the red...better wait with buying a pair of those ;)

There's some cool bars around you know...well...not that I really know (I never go out). I like robot bar's quiet and relaxing.

Have a good weekend!