Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 eve

Today we're gearing up for a 42 degree (107.6f) New Years Eve. I'm having my usual NYE dilemma where Pete and I have both been invited to different things, but really all I want to do is watch the fireworks. I've never seen the fireworks up close on NYE, and for once I'd like to.

We've had a pretty quiet holiday break so far. lots of playing scrabble and watching DVD's to escape the heat.

Pete randomly grabbed a handful of 4 E's from the bag - too funny not to take a photo.

I've been doing a heap of thinking about my business and where I'd like it to go from here. Thinking of new designs, products etc etc. One of the most inspiring blogs I have been reading lately is the Bookhou blog, of Toronto based Arounna and John. They make such gorgous stuff:

Bookhou design - see more of their work here.

I'd love to be making products/textiles with a similar feel to this. Which reminds me, check out this awesome studio tour with Lotta Jansdotter! (thanks to Make It for the link). Oh my god Lotta is such a sweetie! I was hoping she'd be a lovely, down to earth person just like this :)


Danielle said...

Hi Lara, thanks for the link to the Bookhou blog - beautiful pieces!
I came across that lotta studio tour a little while ago - its fantastic isn't it - sooo inspiring and Lotta is really lovely!!
and i love your little japanese purse - i have no idea about those closures - i've never attempted them cos they look very fiddly!
Anyway hope you have a great new years eve, whatever you decide to do :-)
oh yeah i have a photo on my blog of a door stop i just made using your beautiful bulokku fabric if you want to check it out...

arounna said...

Hi Lara, thanks so much for blogging about us. It is very flattering that you find our work inspirational. I wish you a very Happy New Year and please keep in touch.
arounna :)

Jason said...

I am sure you won't have a problem selling anything you make. You seem to have many loyal and supportive customers.

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Yes, the Bookhou blog is lovely. I'm reading right back and there is some amazing stuff.

I hope you're not too hot, although I don't think it is as bad as the 42, my computer says it is only 36. Maybe if I turn the computer off I wont feel so hot.

Heather Moore said...

I love the Bookhou things. Their colours and textures are so spot on!
Have a very very happy new year!

mizu designs said...

we've been playing lots of scrabble too! happy new year everyone.

Corrie said...

could it get any hotter here....our car read 44 this afternoon and then our air-con at home decided it had enough!!!!!!!

I'll have to check out the links and love those pictures..and you're very brave with that purse...I always feel its such an achievment when you've finished a pattern by pictures only and not understanding any characters pointing to bits of the picture that Im sure are essential!!!!!


patricia zapata said...

I've always loved the work at Bookhou but I didn't know they have a blog. Thanks for that link!

Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

i love lotta, too. your textiles are very reminiscent of her. I love your textile patterns, too! Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

you're welcome!
lotta is such a huge inspiration for me as well.
happy new year, looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 08.

Jen Renninger said...

Hi Lara..

What a wonderful link! Their things {and finds} are so very beautiful!

How cute that you play Scrabble (with a timer no less!). My husband and I play often.. I even have a wonderful old travel scrabble from the 50's that we use when we go to the cafe at the bookshop. We sit and look at magazines and take turns playing our hands!