Monday, April 02, 2007


It was Petey's birthday on the weekend - happy birthday sweetie pea! Here's some play money I made him so I can take him on a shopping trip to get him something nice (along with the very practical lettuce spinner he requested). It was fun to design fake money, putting those wavy lines in the background and using some of my existing drawings to make it look kinda money like.


And back:

And an envelope to put it in :)


nicole lecht said...

oh girl your so clever!!!

Anonymous said...

is it a Zyliss lettuce spinner? we were given one of those as a wedding present and it's fabu! it's kinda bulky but i's retrocool looking and fun to use as well!

Jason said...

Kirin, how many of these did you make? Jason

hmc said...

Love that envelope... you are an extraordinarily talented and inspirational girl Lara!