Tuesday, April 10, 2007

back to it

Hope everyone had a great Easter break! First day back after holidays is haaard. I've got so many little things to do and organise and I don't know where to start. It was so good to just take time away from the computer and the house and do some socialising - something I don't do enough of lately. It's been good to meet some lovely new people, too.

For anybody hoping to get their hands on some of the next batch of fabric, well it should be arriving in my shop any day now - it's just off being heat set as we speak - yay! I'll try to do the shop update at a more Australian-friendly time this time - before 10:00 at night ;)

I've been meaning to get back into my drawing a bit so that I don't get too pattern obsessed. I'd like to get better at drawing people at a larger scale, with more detail. Lately I've been a little obsessed with eyes, paying attention to how eyes look from different angles and particularly what "smiley eyes" look like. I like smiley eyes the best, like Jen Corace's girls. Anyway here's one of my first attempts at a larger scale drawing:

She looks a little odd in places, but oh well, it's a start :)


CatieAn said...

hi lara

just wanted to tell you your drawing of the girl looks so very good. one little note---if you make sure hte pupils are at an even level or equidistant in the eye itself then they will make her look more natural.

Lara said...

Thanks catieann. I reckon you're right - it's the eyes that are not quite right - very tricky, those!